Traditional & Heritage Foods

There was a time when animals we farmed were raised on what was grown locally. This meant that their meat, milk, and eggs developed unique and rich flavors based on where and how they lived. Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery is dedicated to returning to this tradition and bringing these foods to the communities of Upstate NY and beyond.

Milk-finished chickens

Our meat chickens are a non-industrial breed raised free-range on forage, local non-GMO grain, and whey. We use our own adaptation of a French technique originating in Bresse to finish them on cultured milk from the farm creamery. This results in delicate, juicy meat and soft skin that crisps all the way through.


handmade cheeses

Our goat cheeses are made on-farm with the milk of our growing herd of sassy Alpine and Saanen goats. Cows' milk cheeses are made with milk from Jersey cows picked up fresh from a small family farm from the next town over. The Moxie Ridge obsession with terroir and commitment to hand-milking makes all the difference in these traditional cheeses.


Free Range Eggs

That's right, these eggs can range as free as they like. But so can our laying hens, all of which are named Susan. Our free-range flock's forage-based diet is supplemented with local non-GMO grain, with a protein boost of whey once a week. The Susans are primarily heritage breeds and lay eggs that have become wildly popular with Moxie followers. 

The Farm


Responsible stewardship

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery is located on Rt 43 in in Argyle, NY- also known as "the ridge road" by locals. The farm is made up of a 200 year-old farmstead on 46 diverse acres where the Moxie milking goats, laying hens, meat chickens, and pigs are raised on pasture, brush and woods. 

Whenever possible, mechanized techniques for land management are put aside in favor of an animal-based approach. This means goats are used to clear brush, horses are grazed to "mow" and prep pasture, chickens run to restore soil nutrients, and pigs used to till for next year's planting. Everyone's got a job on the Ridge.

With this approach in mind, it's not surprising we've chosen to manage the land and crops according to strict organic standards.