Whey Fed Pork

A Berkshire-Large Black cross enjoys the early Summer sun in the pig pasture at Moxie Ridge.

A Berkshire-Large Black cross enjoys the early Summer sun in the pig pasture at Moxie Ridge.


Pigs in pasture

Moxie Ridge pigs are raised outside in a wooded pasture and are always free to engage in their natural swine-y tendencies of rooting, grazing, and wallowing. Their foraging is supplemented by local non-GMO grain and daily whey from the Moxie Ridge creamery. They are finished on acorns and hickory nuts, giving the meat a deep, rich flavor. Everything that goes into our pork comes from the surrounding land - this gives our meat a true sense of place. There is no other pork like it in the world.



Mulefoot pigs are a critically rare American hog breed. Named for their feet, which do not have a cloven hoof, but rather one main toe that looks like a mule's foot, the Mulefoot is a slow-growing, high-foraging breed that closely resembles its ancestor the wild boar in silhouette. Mulefoot pork, though extremely rare, has become prized by chefs for it's depth of flavor and its fat marbling throughout, much like Wagyu beef. For more information on the Mulefoot, we recommend you visit its entry in The Ark of Taste. Mulefoot pork is very old-fashioned and does not yield large chops, but instead dark, robust, and marbled hams and shoulders. Mulefoot pork is currently sold out but will be returning in 2019.


HERITAGE cross hogs

Our pigs this season are Tamworth x Yorkshire crosses, with 70% - 90% of each pig Tamworth. This breed is originally from England and is considered to be the most direct descendent of the native pig stock of Europe. Tamworths are known for their fine, lean meat and excellent quality bacon. They are excellent foragers but fell out of fashion once industrial agriculture began because of their slower growth rate. Heritage breeds grow slower and have unique characteristics and flavors to their meat based on their genetics, behaviors, and foraging tendencies - this is pork you cannot buy on a grocery store shelf.

Custom Heritage Pork

Our pork is available for pre-order as half- or whole-hog custom orders. When you reserve your custom pork, you pay per-pound for the “hanging weight” of your pig and you also pay a butcher’s fee. In return, you get to customize your half- or whole-hog order by filling out a cut sheet directing the butcher how to process your meat. Want pork belly instead of bacon? You got it. Not a fan of the picnic cut but love to make meatballs? Make it ground pork instead.

When you get a half or whole heritage hog from Moxie Ridge, you will be getting incredible value