Free-Range and Milk-Finished


It's a bit odd to think of chicken as gourmet table fare, but that's exactly what we strive for at Moxie Ridge Farm.  Our chickens are raised using our own adaptation of a 500 year-old French technique using milk that results in a chicken that is more juicy, delicate in taste and texture, and has a creamy soft skin that crisps all the way through when cooking. 

Moxie Ridge chickens are free to range and forage all day long. This results in meat that is flavorful with a balanced breast-to-thigh ratio since our birds are active all day long. They are supplemented with a local non-GMO feed grown right here in Argyle, NY until their last three weeks. That's when we transition them to our own goat milk and local non-GMO corn.

Our milk-finished chicken is currently sold out but will be returning in Summer 2019.