Whole Heritage Hog Reservation - DEPOSIT


Whole Heritage Hog Reservation - DEPOSIT


Reservation and deposit for a whole heritage hog in Fall 2018.  See full pricing and details below.

Moxie Ridge pork comes from heritage-cross pigs raised on whey and local non-GMO grain grown right here in Argyle. Each pig is a mix of heritage breeds, including Berkshire, Old Spot, Large Black, and Yorkshire. These are the breeds that existed for the last few hundred years but fell out of fashion once industrial farming began in the US. These pigs grow slower and have unique characteristics and flavors to their meat - this is pork you cannot buy on a grocery store shelf.

Moxie Ridge pigs are raised outside in pasture and are always free to engage in their natural swine-y tendencies of rooting, grazing, and wallowing. They are finished on acorns and hickory nuts, giving the meat a deep, rich flavor. Each day they are given fresh whey straight from the Moxie Ridge creamery which imparts delicate savory notes in the meat. Everything that goes into our pork comes from the surrounding land - this gives our meat a true sense of place. There is no other pork like it.


$7.50/lb hanging weight + $275 butcher's fee

Whole hogs will usually dress out around 140 - 170lbs

How it Works

  1. Reserve your 1/2 or whole hog by putting in your deposit, which will be applied to your total in the fall.

  2. 4-6 weeks before butchering, Moxie Ridge will send you a custom cut sheet to fill out. This is where you can choose bacon or pork belly, what kind of sausage you'd like, etc. Your price will be based on the weights of these cuts. You'll pay your portion of the butcher's fee now.

  3. Once the butcher is done, Moxie Ridge will send you your total remaining due LESS YOUR DEPOSIT. You pay via check or credit card.

  4. You pick up your heritage hog custom cuts at Moxie Ridge Farm!

At Moxie Ridge, we work very hard to give our animals the best lives possible in a rich and natural environment - even those raised for meat. 

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