Moxie Ridge goat cheeses are made from milk from a sassy little herd of pastured Alpine goats that are hand-milked by Lee twice a day. The Moxie herd is raised on pasture during the grazing seasons and local hay in the Winter and are fed a local non-GMO grain. All their food comes from within 10 miles of the farm, which establishes a unique sense of terroir in each cheese.

As a cheesemaker, Lee considers the work farming on a microscopic level. They work with classic and native cultures using traditional techniques to draw out a true expression of Moxie Ridge in each cheese produced in the on-farm creamery. 



Goats' Milk Cheeses




A handmade fresh goat cheese extremely delicate in flavor with a cloud-like consistency. Moxie Ridge chèvre is made fresh in small batches from our herd of Alpine goats. Also available with Herbes de Provence.

Fresh Bulgarian Feta

photo by Paul Buckowski/ Times Union

photo by Paul Buckowski/Times Union

Tangy and salty, this fresh cheese is more delicate in texture than a Greek feta. Made with 100% goats' milk and packed in a whey brine, Moxie's Bulgarian Feta has become a daily salad staple among our customers.



Creamy Goat Cheese Spread

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Described as “goat cream cheese,” this ain't no Philadelphia, folks. Rich, creamy, and 100% goat milk, this decadent schmear is just as at home with a bagel and lox as it is on top of a red velvet cake. 


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A cultured dairy beverage made with goats' milk. Available in 16oz bottles, this tangy drinking yoghurt is complete with live active cultures and packed with healthy protein. Drink it plain, flavor it with honey, add it to your smoothie, or enjoy over granola or cereal. 



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A take on the traditional French Valençay goat cheese, this pyramid-shaped dual-rind cheese is a delicate showstopper.  Valencia features a delicate earthiness with snow-white interior and a dramatic liquid cream line that enhances over time.

Style: Valençay

Raw/Pasteurized: Pasteurized

Aged: 2 weeks

Rind: Dual Bloomy on Ash


Big Rhonda


Availability limited and seasonal

A rare treat, Big Rhonda is a raw, hand-milked, goat milk cheese aged for 3+ months. Finished with a mosaic rind, this cheese has big umami and grass flavors with a parmesean-meets-gouda swagger.

Style: Scalded Curd

Raw/Pasteurized: Raw Milk Cheese

Aged: 3 Months Minimum

Rind: Natural, Mosaic







Cannonball has fast become the grande dame of the Moxie dual-rind lineup. This Loire-style cheese features a firm mineral structure, a dense, cloud-like interior, and a cream line below an ash layer. Available in whole, half, or mini sizes.

Style: Couronne de Touraine

Raw/Pasteurized: Pasteurized

Aged: 2+ weeks

Rind: Dual Bloomy on Ash