photo by Hannah Carr

photo by Hannah Carr

About the Farmer

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery is owned and run by Lee Hennessy. Originally from Upstate NY, Lee lived and worked in Los Angeles for 8 years in a career that spanned Hollywood, wine, and online media (under the name Leah"). In 2014, his growing love of agriculture and passion for small food systems completely eclipsed his common sense and he moved back to Upstate NY with the secret dream of starting a goat farm. 

That July, Lee began investing his savings in classes, field days, internships, and supporting himself while working minimum-wage and no-income farm jobs in order to gain experience and solidify his farming philosophies. With the help of excellent mentors, Lee moved up to management positions at nationally renown producers. During this time, he also put his sommelier skills to work and began training as a cheesemonger in 2015 under Eric Paul at The Cheese Traveler.

Late in Winter 2016, with the help of investor partner Dirt Capital and the organizations of American Farmland Trust, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation, FarmROOTS, and the Agricultural Stewardship Association, Lee began the fraught journey of securing the land for what would become Moxie Ridge Farm.

The farm opened in Spring 2017 and for two seasons Lee ran all the farm and creamery production solo with the help of a handful of volunteers and one very dedicated father who would travel over an hour to the farm to help out with anything from chores to markets.

These days, Lee’s days of going it alone are over and Moxie Ridge has a small staff dedicated to responsibly growing the farm while keeping with the original vision of small-scale, animal-powered, terroir-based farming.