About the Farm

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery is a small diversified farm on 46 acres in Argyle, NY. The driving passion behind the farm is owner Leah Hennessy's commitment to heritage and traditional foods. This commitment informs every decision on the farm, from how to raise the animals, to what animals to raise, how to manage the land, and even how to make the cheeses! 


As a part of this focus on traditional methods, Moxie Ridge employs a team of draft horses for lumber and land management. Named Sam and Charlie, the horses are Shires, a critically endangered breed according to the Livestock Conservancy. These boys have taken most of the Summer off to acclimate to their new life at the farm, but will be working hard this fall in preparation for Winter on the ridge.

Whenever possible, the land is managed with the animals of Moxie Ridge. Brush clearing is done by the goats, pasture mowing by the horses (eating, that is), high-nitrogen fertilizer application by our meat chickens to prep future growing plots, and focused tilling and root removal by the pigs.